1. odin says:

    Hi Boris, really appreciate the info you share. Often I hear ‘cut your losses’ as well as ‘give your trades room to breathe'(i.e. avoid tight stops), these statements seem conflicted. How close should I place my SL (assuming at least 1:1) and should I ever cut out before it is even hit. Retracement or Wrong? a question I hate wrestling with…

  2. odin says:

    Having just read an older Bollinger Band trend identification article you wrote, would you still adhere to the placing of stops a distance of +BB(1)-(-BB(1)), assuming it’s near enough to the 20-25 pips you mentioned (which i use too)
    Additionally i like the exit you mention in the same article of a opposite colored candle closing 75% of its body outside the band, would you still adhere to this (enough room for continuation?) Thanks a 10^6

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