1. Del Jenson says:

    Boris; I had 3 successful scalp trades this last week I added a 25,5,5 Stoch to my charts to help me deside if the wind was at my back before trading. I listened to you for at least a year before I tried the scalp. Thanks, Del

  2. Gavin says:

    Love your blog,
    am learning a lot from you..but for the scalp trade mathematically:
    if this works 3 times a week and fails twice then i think this is a 5 pip trade?
    3 x +25 = +75
    2 x -25 = -50
    so over 5 trades up 25 or 5 bps each?

    think the stochastic filter above by del is a great one by the way.

    tx so much

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