TrendCatcher 10.15.2014 – AUD/CAD

New BK Trend Catcher Signals for 10.14.2014

1. Buy AUD/CAD at market (0.9844)

Stop at 0.9779

First target (T1) at 0.9894, move stop to breakeven when T1 is hit

Second Target (T2) 1.0039

**If market price is higher (for short trades) or lower (for long trades) than our market price entry, trade can be taken with our same stops and targets.

**If your market price is WORSE than our market price entry and you still want to enter the trade than be sure to use our stops and targets.

Live Trades (Status)


Recently Closed Trades

10/13/2014 GBP/CHF +50

10/13/2014 EUR/CAD -130

10/13/2014 EUR/AUD +50

10/13/2014 USD/CHF -130

10/13/2014 EUR/USD -130

10/13/2014 AUD/CAD -130

10/08/2014 GBP/JPY +50

10/08/2014 CAD/JPY -130

10/08/2014 AUD/NZD -130

10/07/2014 EUR/NZD +50

10/06/14 USD/JPY -130

*These are actual results of trades we have placed in our funded test account for the past week based on the trading


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