Economic Data Calls for Wednesday 05.21.14

Weekly Calendar Calls

Here’s what we are looking for in tomorrow’s economic reports -- Good Luck Trading!

1. BoJ Rate Decision (12:00AM ET) -- No Trade -- No changes are expected from the BoJ, rate decision should be nonevent for Yen

2. ECB Current Account (4:00AM ET) -- No Trade -- With trade balance falling only modestly, EZ CA is a tough call, so no trade

3. BoE Minutes and UK Retail Sales (4:30AM ET) -- Bearish GBP -- BoE minutes likely to be dovish given tone of BoE Quarterly Report but this is a level 2 trade because of the potential for a strong rise in retail sales after the sharp increase reported by BRC

4. FOMC Minutes (2:00PM ET) -- No Trade -- We do not trade minutes

Daily Calendar Calls for Wednesday 04.30.14

Weekly Calendar Calls

1. BoJ Rate Decision -- No Trade -- No Changes in Monetary Policy Expected

2. GE Retail Sales and Unemploy -- No Trade -- Sharp Drop in Retail PMI offsets Markit Economic’s report of stronger employment

3. US Q1 GDP -- Bullish USD -- Stronger retail sales offset small deterioration in trade

4. US Chicago PMI -- No Trade -- Conflicting signals from weaker Empire and stronger Philly Fed

5. CAD GDP -- No Trade -- Conflicting Signals. Improvement in Trade offset by drop in spending

6. FOMC Rate Decision -- No Trade -- We do not trade rate decisions.