GBP/AUD – Sell Signal in Play?

GBP/AUD – Sell Signal in Play?

Chart Of The Day

GBP/AUD posted a major signal on the charts today as profit taking came into cable while Aussie found support at the 7600 figure boosted by firming commodity prices. With Article 50 to be triggered tomorrow, the pound is feeling the full weight of the event as traders begin to pare their longs. Although Brexit has been well anticipated for months, the reality of the situation is beginning to sink in. There is plenty of uncertainty regarding how UK will be able to extract itself from the European Union which could translate into further selling pressure.

Meanwhile, in Australia, the better tone in commodity prices is supporting the pair which has only experienced a shallow correction off its recent highs. Another positive day could propel the unit towards a retest of the recent 7700 highs which could push GBPAUD even lower.

Technically the pair has carved out a major bearish engulfing candle at the 1.6500 figure and look ready to target support at the 1.6000 level as shorts press their trades.

TrendCatcher Signal Update for 12.23.2014


There will be NO New BK Trend Catcher Signals from December 22, 2014 to January 2nd, 2015

***Here are our LIVE Trades, the instructions on how to manage are below. No updates will be provided over Snapp because our EA will be turned off from December 22 to January 2nd

Live Trades (Status)

1. Sell AUD/CAD @ Market (0.94657) T1 hit for +50, Stop moved to Breakeven Targeting 0.92707

2. Buy USD/CHF @ Market (0.97980) T1 hit for +50, Stop moved to Breakeven Targeting 0.99930

**If market price is higher (for short trades) or lower (for long trades) than our market price entry, trade can be taken with our same stops and targets.

**If your market price is WORSE than our market price entry and you still want to enter the trade than be sure to use our stops and targets.

Recently Closed Trades

12/22/2014 GBP/CHF -130
12/19/2014 EUR/NZD +50
12/18/2014 EUR/USD +50
12/18/2014 NZD/USD -130
12/18/2014 GBP/USD -130
12/17/2014 EUR/USD -130
12/17/2014 GBP/USD -130
12/17/2014 USD/CHF -130
12/17/2014 USD/JPY -130
12/16/2014 GBP/JPY +245
12/16/2014 NZD/JPY +50
12/16/2014 CHF/JPY +50
12/16/2014 EUR/JPY +50
12/16/2014 EUR/NZD +50
12/15/2014 EUR/CAD +245
12/15/2014 GBP/USD -130
12/11/2014 CAD/JPY -130
12/10/2014 AUD/JPY +245
12/10/2014 NZD/JPY +50
12/09/2014 EUR/NZD +50
12/09/2014 GBP/NZD +50
12/09/2014 GBP/CHF -130
12/08/2014 CAD/JPY +50
12/08/2014 EUR/JPY +50
12/08/2014 CHF/JPY +50
12/08/2014 GBP/USD -130
12/08/2014 NZD/JPY -130
12/04/2014 NZD/USD -130
12/04/2014 GBP/CHF -130
12/04/2014 EUR/CAD -130
12/03/2014 USD/CHF +50
12/03/2014 EUR/USD +50
12/02/2014 NZD/JPY +50
12/01/2014 EUR/CAD -130
12/01/2014 USD/JPY -130
12/01/2014 GBP/USD -130

*These are actual results of trades we have placed in our funded test account for the past week based on the trading

EURUSD –PMI Sends a Signal Forex Daily Technicals 3.21.13


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