Market Analysis

No Limits

Let me ask you something. You love that stock, currency pair, option, futures contract (whatever) right? You think its going to soar, correct? So then

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Table: How NZ Economy Fared Since March Mtg

Aside from the Federal Reserve, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand also has a monetary policy announcement this afternoon. The RBNZ is expected to keep rates unchanged – hard to validate a rate hike when the RBA is planning to ease. Also, the last time the RBNZ met, Governor Bollard said “sustained strength […]

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Why BoE is Expected to Ease and ECB is Not

Both the Bank of England and the European Central Bank will be making monetary policy announcements on Thursday. The market expects the ECB to remain on hold and BoE to increase their asset purchase program by GBP 50 billion. A quick look at the following tables explain why the BoE is expected to […]

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