Market Analysis

No Limits

Let me ask you something. You love that stock, currency pair, option, futures contract (whatever) right? You think its going to soar, correct? So then

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Look at Australian Economy Ahead of RBA

The Reserve Bank of Australia is gearing up to cut interest rates this evening. The market is currently pricing in 32bp of tightening which means that investors expect the central bank to reduce rates by a minimum of 25bp. 50bp is a possibility but given some signs of improvement in Australia’s economy (jobs […]

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Chart: EUR on its way to match Dec LTRO Move?

Since this week’s LTRO operation, the EUR/USD has fallen 3 straight trading days by as much 280 pips. Based on this price action, it looks like the pair is on its way to “mirroring” the post December LTRO move. It wouldn’t take much for this to occur – all the EUR/USD needs to do […]

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