BK Big Trade USD/CAD Long 05.04.2016 +53


5/4 – Close USD/CAD at market 1.2873

Moved quickly we hit 1.2858 for +53

Reload at 1.2825, Stop at 1.2625

Buy USD/CAD at market (now 1.2805)

Stop 1.2630

We’ve gotten a serious trend change in USD/CAD after this morning’s horrid Canadian trade balance numbers. Friday’s employment report is likely to show weakness as well after the strong numbers from the prior month. A break above 1.2800 paves the way for move to 1.3000.

BK Big Trade USD/JPY 03.04.2016 +55


3/4 – BK USD/JPY Big Trade – Close now at 113.85

BK USD/JPY Big Trade Order

Place Order to Buy USD/JPY at 113.30

Stop at 111.30

Market is selling dollars post payrolls but we don’t think the news is weak enough to warrant this decline. The drop in wages is disconcerting but the improvement in job growth and steady unemployment rate plus the rise in participation should be enough to keep the Fed hawkish after leaving rates steady next month. 113.20 has been support for USD/JPY for the past 3 days, so we want to be buyers slightly above those levels if it drops to that point.

BK Big Trade GBP/USD 03.02.2016 -123


3/3 BK – Close GBP/USD trade at 1.4145. Its completely ignoring all fundamentals

3/2 – BK Big Trade – GBP/USD

Sell GBP/USD at market (now 1.4022)

Stop at 1.4222

GBP Shouldn’t be trading where it is given weak PMI manufacturing and construction. We’re selling GBP/USD again and we’re looking at it as a NEW position. If you DON’T want to double up, DON’T but this misalignment of data at these prices is worth trading

BK Big Trade GBP/USD Sell Orders 02.28.2016 – Stopped


3/2 Stopped

BK Big Trade GBP/USD Sell Orders

Place order to Sell GBP/USD at market (now 1.3868)

Stop at 1.4068

UK PMIs are scheduled for release tomorrow and we have strong reasons to believe that the numbers will be weak given the sharp drop in the CBI industrial trends survey. The trend in GBP is still down and this is a weak where UK data could reinforce the downtrend.

BK Big Trade EUR/USD Orders 02.28.2016 -60


Close EUR/USD at market (now 1.0947) for -60

BK EUR/USD Big Trade

Change Entry Orders to the following:

SELL EUR/USD at market (now 1.0887)

Stop at 1.1087

***If EUR/USD is at 1.0875 or higher, sell at market, otherwise put limit order at 1.0887

BK Big Trade – EUR/USD Orders

Place Order to SELL EUR/USD at 1.0970

Stop 1.1170

We’re very bearish Eurozone data this week from German retail sales to unemployment so we’re laying out NEW Sell Orders in case EUR/USD rallies. We also think EUR/USD will trade lower as we close into the next ECB meeting. We’ll revisit these orders and other news ones in the the NY session if needed.

BK USD/CAD Big Trade Reload 02.25.2016 -77


2/26 – BK Big Trade – Close USD/CAD here at 1.3561 for -77 oil prices have been movingg persistently higher and the correlation between oil / cad appears to have broken for the time being so we’re going to get out and revaluate

BK – Reload USD/CAD

Buy USD/CAD at market (now 1.3638)

Stop 1.3438

USD/CAD traded lower today despite the 2% decline in oil prices but it is notable that the sell-off stopped right at the 100-day SMA. We believe that a stronger recovery is likely especially with oil prices reversing Wednesday’s rise. We were a bit surprised by yesterday’s reaction to the oil inventory report. Even though refined product inventories fell, the fact of the matter is that crude stockpiles hit a record high. There’s more supply than demand in the market and that is not expected to change any time soon.

BK EUR/USD Big Trade Orders 02.22.2016 +61


2/24 BK – Close EUR/USD Big trade at market now 1.0977 for +61. Its right above 50-day SMA support. We’ll reload

BK EUR/USD Big Trade Orders

Place Order to SELL Euro at 1.1038

Stop at 1.1238

We have 3 main reasons to be selling euros – #1 Brexit is negative for all of Europe including the Eurozone #2 – Weak EZ PMIs point to a weaker IFO #3 Break of 1.1050 is significant.

BK Big Trade – GBP/USD New Orders 02.18.2016 – Stopped out


2/21 – Stopped out

BK Big Trade – GBP/USD

Place Order to Buy GBP/USD at 1.4323

Stop 1.4123

UK Retail Sales are scheduled for release and we have strong reasons to believe that consumer spending increased in the month of January. The British Retail Consortium has already reported a big increase in spending and the decline in shop prices eased. Most importantly the labor data showed fewer claimants and a lower unemployment rate. Wages ex earnings also increased which is good for spending. Finally investors are optimistic about the U.K.’s talks with the EU which is also helping the pound.

BK USD/CAD New Reload Orders 02.15.2016


Big Trade — USD/CAD Reload, New Orders

Place Order to Sell USD/CAD at 1.3835

Stop 1.4035

Oil prices are rose 10% on Friday and another 1% today. USD/CAD should be trading much lower especially with risk on this morning. We haven’t heard anything yet from Saudi Arabia but there’s a lot of hope that OPEC may finally agree to a production cut. Also their lack of denial which usually comes quickly after a misquote leads investors to believe that oil which fell to 12 year lows this past week finally hit an uncle point. While all of the concerns relating to supply and demand are still there, USD/CAD is steady and the sharp rebound in oil should lead to stronger recovery that could take USD/CAD down to 1.38. Technically we believe that the pair is prime for a breakdown. There’s a very clear head and shoulders pattern with the shoulders capping gains right at the 50-day SMA near 1.40. As long as this level of resistance holds, USD/CAD will take aim at 1.38 and make a run for 1.36.