GBP/JPY 01.24.15 -200


One New Order for GBP/JPY

Place GBP/JPY Sell Order at 168.25

Stop @ 169.25

Close ½ @ 167.75, move stop to 168.25

Close rest @ 167.25

Both GBP/USD and USD/JPY are getting crushed today and this is the perfect recipe for disaster in GBP/JPY. The continual decline in U.S. yields and the dovish comments from BoE Governor Carney who said the strong currency will hamper export growth supports a further decline in the pair. We are not to sell at market but on a break of the January lows which is why our sell order is at 168.25. This is the ONLY order we have on at this time.


BKSWING Short GBPJPY at 168.25 triggered stop 169.25 T1 167.75 T2 167.25 Trading forex carries risk


BKSWING stopped on short GBPJPY -200 on trade.

AUD/NZD -200


January 15, 2014

Order to Sell AUD/NZD @ 1.0590 TRIGGERED

Stop @ 1.0690

Close ½ @ 1.0540, move stop to breakeven

Close rest @ 1.0490

With AU Employment coming up we want to position ourselves for a possible breakdown in AUD/NZD. If the data misses to the downside it will ignite fresh speculation of RBA rate cuts and given the fact that the market expects RBNZ to hike rates the pressure on the cross is likely to continue.


BKSWING – Stopped out of AUD/NZD for -200