BK Big Trade GBP/USD Sell Orders 02.28.2016 – Stopped


3/2 Stopped

BK Big Trade GBP/USD Sell Orders

Place order to Sell GBP/USD at market (now 1.3868)

Stop at 1.4068

UK PMIs are scheduled for release tomorrow and we have strong reasons to believe that the numbers will be weak given the sharp drop in the CBI industrial trends survey. The trend in GBP is still down and this is a weak where UK data could reinforce the downtrend.

BK Big Trade EUR/USD Orders 02.28.2016 -60


Close EUR/USD at market (now 1.0947) for -60

BK EUR/USD Big Trade

Change Entry Orders to the following:

SELL EUR/USD at market (now 1.0887)

Stop at 1.1087

***If EUR/USD is at 1.0875 or higher, sell at market, otherwise put limit order at 1.0887

BK Big Trade – EUR/USD Orders

Place Order to SELL EUR/USD at 1.0970

Stop 1.1170

We’re very bearish Eurozone data this week from German retail sales to unemployment so we’re laying out NEW Sell Orders in case EUR/USD rallies. We also think EUR/USD will trade lower as we close into the next ECB meeting. We’ll revisit these orders and other news ones in the the NY session if needed.

Economic Calendar Calls for 02.28.2016

Weekly Calendar Calls

Here’s what we are looking for in tomorrow’s economic reports (Feb 28, 2016) — Good Luck Trading!

1. Eurozone Retail Sales (08:30 NY Time) – Bearish EUR – Potential downside surprise given decline in spending reported by Retail PMI

2. Eurozone CPI (05:00 NY Time) – Bullish EUR – Potential upside surprise given rise in GE CPI

3. Canadian Current Account Balance (08:30 NY Time) – Bullish CAD – Potential upside surprise given improvement in trade and international securities transactions

4. US Chicago PMI (09:45 NY Time) – Bullish USD – Potential upside surprise given smaller decline in Philadelphia Fed index and Empire State survey