New Orders for EUR and AUD 02.19.17, 6 Orders Total



#2 KEEP AUD/USD Buy order at 0.9117 & GBP/AUD Sell Order at 1.8378 (details below)

We have flash PMI numbers from the Eurozone and China scheduled for release over the next 24 hours. These reports can have a significant impact on Euro and the Australian dollar. We are primarily looking for weaker releases but given the concerns about Chinese and Eurozone growth, the larger surprise and hence greater move will be to the upside. Therefore we are laying out the following orders ahead of these releases.

New Orders

1. Place Order to Buy EUR/USD at 1.3847

Stop 1.3787

Close half at 1.3877 move stop to 1.3847

Close rest at 1.3975

2. Place Order to Buy EUR/NZD at 1.6627

Stop 1.6527

Close half at 1.6677 move stop to 1.6627

Close rest at 1.6727

3. Place Order to Sell EUR/CAD at 1.4981

Stop 1.5081

Close half at 1.4931 move stop to 1.4981

Close rest at 1.4881

4. Place Order to Sell AUD/CAD at 0.9825

Stop 0.9885

Close half at 0.9795 move stop to 0.9825

Close rest at 0.9712

We still have the following pending orders:

5. Place Order to Buy AUD/USD at 0.9117

Stop 0.9057

Close half at 0.9147 move stop to b/e

Close rest at 0.9275

6. Place Order to Sell GBP/AUD at 1.8378

Stop 1.8478

Close half at 1.8328 move stop to b/e

Close rest at 1.8278

New Policy: Keep all orders on until canceled. We will allow for 2 live trades at a time