Update! New EUR/JPY Order, 4 orders Total

New Order for EUR/JPY

1. Place Order to Buy EUR/JPY at 140.39

Stop 139.39

Close half at 140.89 move stop to b/e

Close rest at 141.39

We had good Eurozone GDP numbers and EUR/USD is mustering a break above 1.37. If we get a turnaround in USD/JPY, EUR/JPY could finally break through 140 in a meaningful way. The tight consolidation around this level points to a potential breakout in the very near future.

We still have the following pending orders:

2. Place Order to Sell EUR/GBP at 0.8140

Stop 0.8200

Close half at 0.8110 move stop to b/e

Close rest at 0.8025

3. Place Order to Sell EUR/AUD at 1.4943

Stop at 1.5043

Close half at 1.4893, move stop to break-even

Close rest 1.4843

4. Place order to Sell AUD/NZD at 1.0730

Stop at 1.0790

Close half at 1.0700, move stop to break-even

Close rest 1.0525

New Policy: Keep all orders on until canceled. We will allow for 2 live trades at a time


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