New Orders for GBP and CAD 02.20.14


With UK and Canadian retail sales scheduled for release tomorrow, we are adjusting our orders ahead of these reports. UK retail sales could surprise to the upside but given the sharp plunge in Canadian wholesale sales, retail sales should be weak.

New Orders

1. Place Order to Buy GBP/CAD at 1.8622

Stop 1.8522

Close half at 1.8672 move stop to 1.8622

Close rest at 1.8722

2. Place Order to Sell CAD/CHF at 0.7985

Stop 0.8045

Close half at 0.7955 move stop to 0.7985

Close rest at 0.7775

We still have the following pending orders on:

3. Place Order to Sell EUR/CAD at 1.4981

Stop 1.5081

Close half at 1.4931 move stop to 1.4981

Close rest at 1.4881

4. Place Order to Buy AUD/USD at 0.9117

Stop 0.9057

Close half at 0.9147 move stop to b/e

Close rest at 0.9275

5. Place Order to Sell GBP/AUD at 1.8378

Stop 1.8478

Close half at 1.8328 move stop to b/e

Close rest at 1.8278

New Policy: Keep all orders on until canceled. We will allow for 2 live trades at a time


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