New EUR/USD Orders 02.24.2016 +60

2/26 Target in EUR/USD hit for +60

Order to Sell EUR/USD at 1.1010 Triggered

BK Big Trade -- Close USD/CAD Flip to EUR/USD

1. Close USD/CAD at 1.3938

We’ve got oil inventories coming up and since last month was the biggest rise in 86 years, a drop is likely that could cause USD/CAD to fall (and we may take that chance to reload)

But right now, we see a great opportunity to reload EUR/USD. And we don’t want to float 4 trades so this is the one we’re going with:

2. BK EUR/USD Big Trade

Place Order to Sell EUR/USD at 1.1010
Stop 1.1210

We’re laying out orders to reload the EUR/USD short trade -- not sure whether its going to get there but if it does, thats where we want to be short.


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