New AUD/JPY and EUR/GBP Big Trade Orders

BK Big Trade Orders -- AUD/JPY and EUR/GBP

EUR/GBP -Change Entry Levels to the following:

Place Order to Buy EUR/GBP at 0.8050

Stop 0.7850

ECB President Draghi said nothing damaging to the euro this morning and the ECB minutes were relatively benign. As such, we believe EUR/GBP remains a screaming buy and are adjusting our orders accordingly.

New AUD/JPY Order

Place Order to Sell AUD/JPY at 81.70

Stop at 83.70

USD/JPY is melting down and AUD/USD appears to be topping, making AUD/JPY a very attractive trade. Bank of Japan intervention is a risk but it appears not a very serious one given recent comments from Japanese officials. We’re not sure if the order will be filled but if AUD/JPY rallies to 81.70, we want to be sellers near that level because AUD/JPY is headed for 80.00.


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