New EUR/USD, AUD/CAD and USD/CAD Big Trade Orders 04.11.2016

EUR/USD Big Trade Order

Place Order to Buy EUR/USD at 1.1390

Stop at 1.1190

The trend in euro has been strong and we still think the pair is aiming for 1.1500 and higher. The market detests dollars right now and the emergency Fed meeting tomorrow suggests that something is afoot. Especially since it comes hours before Yellen meets with President Obama. These are closed door meetings so no comments will be made but there’s certainly reasons to believe that there are lingering concerns about the U.S. economy. Also, the euro is being driven by risk this week and we believe that China will report higher exports which should help boost risk appetite and in turn the euro.

2 Big Trade Order for USD/CAD and AUD/CAD

Place Order to Sell USDCAD at 1.2993

Stop at 1.3193

Place Order to Sell AUDCAD at 0.9850

Stop at 1.0050

After last week’s strong employment report, we have every reason to believe that the Bank of Canada will be more optimistic especially given the recovery in oil prices since their last meeting. So if we are given the opportunity, we would like to buy CAD on a dip and are trying to do so through USDCAD or AUDCAD – if one of these orders trigger, we will cancel the other

We also have 1 live trade and 1 pending order:



Order to Buy EUR/GBP at 0.8050 TRIGGERED

Stop 0.7850

*Take Profit Set at 0.8120



Place Order to Sell AUD/NZD at 1.1150

Stop at 1.1350


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