GBP/AUD Big Trade +130

***BK BIG Trade GBP/AUD – Close Trade at Market (now 2.1065) for +65 each +130 total

***We are triggered on both lots of GBP/AUD for an average entry price of 2.1000

GBP/AUD Big Trade

Place Order to Buy 1 lot GBP/AUD at 2.1075

Place Order to Buy 1 More at 2.0930

Stop for ALL 2.0720

Over the next 48 hours, there are 2 major event risks that we are focusing on – the RBA and BoE minutes. These minutes should show just how much of a gap there is between UK and Australian monetary policy. Based on last week’s comments from the Bank of England, Governor Carney wants to see rates rise sooner rather than later. In contrast, the turmoil in Chinese markets along with the decline in commodity prices should make for a dovish RBA. We are looking for further gains in GBP/AUD and see the latest decline as an opportunity to buy ahead of these 2 event risks.


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