BKSWING – New NZD/USD Order for 11.06.2014

Despite better than expected employment numbers, the New Zealand dollar has been hit hard by the decline in commodity prices and the strength of the U.S. dollar. Unfortunately we expect these moves to continue with NZD/USD becoming the next pair to break to multi-year lows. 77 cents has held for the time being but if this level breaks, we could see a much stronger move down to 76 and possibly even 75 cents. To take advantage of this opportunity, we are laying out a new NZD/USD sell order. ** Please remember we remain LONG EUR/CHF at 1.2055

1.Sell NZD/USD at 0.7760

Stop at 0.7820

Close 1/2 at 0.7730

Close rest at 0.7525

And we still have the following pending order on:

1.Sell EUR/USD at 1.2415

Stop at 1.2475

Close 1/2 at 1.2385

Close rest at 1.2230

***Remember, if 2 orders trigger without one hitting T1 first, all other orders are canceled


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