Chinese GDP numbers are scheduled for release tonight and it is the most important event risk this week. Chances are the data should show a slowdown in China’s economy but when it comes to Chinese data, it can be subject to manipulation so we want to be positioned both ways. At the same time, we want to revive our EUR/CHF buy on dip trade that was canceled last week.

1. Place order to Buy NZD/USD at 0.8027
Stop at 0.7967
Close 1/2 at 0.8057, move stop to breakeven
Close rest at 0.8185

2. Place order to Sell AUD/USD at 0.8616
Stop at 0.8676
Close 1/2 at 0.8586, move stop to breakeven
Close rest at 0.8450

3. Place order to Buy EUR/CHF at 1.2055
Stop at 1.1995
Close 1/2 at 1.2085, move stop to breakeven
Close rest at 1.2200

***Remember, if 2 orders trigger without one hitting T1 first, all other orders are canceled


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