BKSWING Important Order Adjustments – EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, EUR/AUD

New Order for CAD/JPY and EUR/JPY. Remember, we allow for 2 live trades at any time. If we think an order should be canceled we will message you


Place Order to Buy CAD/JPY at 92.40

Stop at 91.80

Close half at 92.70, move stop to break-even

Close rest 94.00

2. Buy Order for EUR/JPY

Place Order to Buy EUR/JPY at 140.22

Stop at 139.22

Close half at 140.72, move stop to break-even

Close rest 141.22

Risk is back on and between the market’s positive reaction to ECB and the rise in oil prices, we are laying on 2 new trades for CAD/JPY and EUR/JPY.

CANCEL EUR/CAD Sell order at 1.4770 AND EUR/JPY Sell order at 135.77

We STILL HAVE the following orders on:

1. Sell Order for GBP/JPY

Place Order to Sell GBP/JPY at 163.61

Stop at 164.61

Close half at 163.11, move stop to break-even

Close rest 162.61

2. Sell Order for EUR/AUD

Place Order to Sell EUR/AUD at 1.4943

Stop at 1.5043

Close half at 1.4893, move stop to break-even

Close rest 1.4843


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