With EUR weakness and possible risk aversion flows from the Ukraine we are putting on the following trade orders for the start of this week. As always if two orders trigger then cancel the rest.

1. Sell EUR/JPY at 139.82
Stop 140.82
Cover 1/2 position at 139.42 move stop to breakeven
Close rest at 138.82

2. Buy AUD/CAD 1.0335
Stop 1.0275
Sell 1/2 at 1.0365 move stop to breakeven
Sell rest 1.0450

3.Sell AUD/JPY 94.72
Stop 95.32
Cover 1/2 at 94.42 move stop to breakeven
Cover rest 93.00

4.Sell EUR/AUD 1.4645
Stop 1.4745
Cover 1/2 at 1.4605 move stop to breakeven
Cover rest 1.4545


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