BK Big Trade EUR/USD Orders 02.28.2016 -60

Close EUR/USD at market (now 1.0947) for -60

BK EUR/USD Big Trade

Change Entry Orders to the following:

SELL EUR/USD at market (now 1.0887)

Stop at 1.1087

***If EUR/USD is at 1.0875 or higher, sell at market, otherwise put limit order at 1.0887

BK Big Trade – EUR/USD Orders

Place Order to SELL EUR/USD at 1.0970

Stop 1.1170

We’re very bearish Eurozone data this week from German retail sales to unemployment so we’re laying out NEW Sell Orders in case EUR/USD rallies. We also think EUR/USD will trade lower as we close into the next ECB meeting. We’ll revisit these orders and other news ones in the the NY session if needed.


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