Big Trade USD/JPY Buy Order 02.01.2016 – Stopped

2/3 Stopped on USD/JPY Aggressive and Conservative

USD/JPY Buy order at 120.65 TRIGGERED

USD/JPY Orders


Place Order to BUY USD/JPY at 120.65

Stop 118.65


Place Order to BUY USD/JPY at 119.85

Stop 117.85

Last week’s surprise decision to cut interest rates was a major announcement for the Bank of Japan – one that we believe will have another 200 to 300 pips of continuation. Friday’s move stopped right at the 200-day SMA so a deeper retracement is possible and we want to use that opportunity to buy USD/JPY at a lower level. The BoJ not only lowered interest rates, but also pushed out their timeline for reaching their inflation target and warned that more actions could be taken including changing the quantity and quality of asset purchases as well as cutting rates further. Since the BoJ did not increase the size of its QE program this could be the next option if the economy weakens further but adopting this radical form of monetary policy is a sign of the country’s desperation. They are finally recognizing the negative impact that volatility in the financial markets, the sharp decline in inflation and the slowdown in China will have on Japan’s economy. Looking ahead, the yen should be sold on rallies.


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