AUD/CAD Big Trade 04.14.2016 -58

BK AUD/CAD Big Trade -- Close at market (0.9918), we don’t want to be in a trade ahead of Doha. We’ll revisit afterwards

Raise AUD/CAD Sell order to 0.9860 ahead of AU employment. Stop to 1.0060. Will revisit Thurs if it doesn’t trigger

Place Order to Sell AUD/CAD at 0.9810

Stop at 1.0010

We’re not getting the continuation move that we had been hoping for with USD/CAD and so the trade is looking far less attractive technically even though it has only rallied against us by a small margin. However this move along with the performance of AUD/CAD makes AUD/CAD a far more attractive trade because down days in AUD are often followed by 2-5 days of continuation. So we’re rotating out of USD/CAD in favor of a new AUD/CAD positions


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