2 New Big Trade Orders 04.18.2016

2 New Big Trade Orders

New CAD/JPY Order

Place Order to Sell CAD/JPY at 84.80

Stop at 86.80

There are 2 reasons why we like selling CAD/JPY. First oil prices are falling following the disappointment in Doha and we believe this move could put additional pressure on oil and carve out a near term bottom in the Canadian dollar. We are also bearish US dollars and the continuous cycle of earthquakes in Japan makes us worried that more damage could hit the nation. Each tremor has led to a bout of yen strength and between our bearish outlook for the dollar and bullish outlook for the yen, we believe that the Yen component of the trade should also drive CAD/JPY down.

New USD/CHF Order

Place Order to Sell USD/CHF at 0.9680

Stop at 0.9880

Between last week’s surprise contraction in retail sales and sluggish consumer price growth, the Fed has zero reasons to raise interest rates in April AND June. At this stage we need to see retail sales rise more than 0.5% in each of the next 2 months for tightening at the beginning of the summer to even be a possibility. The Fed is meeting next week and there’s a very good chance that the overall tone of the statement will be dovish -- so we are looking for additional dollar weakness ahead and on the back of this event. The dollar remains a sell on rallies.


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