Join Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg for 5 weeks of online Forex coaching and a LIVE seminar in Singapore.

These CNBC Experts will teach you TRADING STRATEGIES for any market environment.

5 Weeks of Online Training.

1 LIVE Half-Day Seminar in Singapore. 10+ Hours of Education.

WEEK 1 – What Market Are We In? Learn How to Identify and Trade All 5 Market Conditions
You will Learn the Essentials of Trading:
– Range
– Trend
– Breakout / Momentum
– Reversal
– Volatility

WEEK 2 – How to Trade Trends
You will Learn:
– How to Jump on Trend Early
– How to Join a Trend on a Retrace
– A BK Exclusive Trend Following Trading Strategy

WEEK 3 – How to Pick Tops and Bottoms With Less Risk
You will Learn
– How to Pick Short Term Tops and Bottoms
– How to Pick Medium Term Tops and Bottoms
– 2 Strategies – Probative Trades vs. Momentum Plays

WEEK 4 – The Benefits of Breakout Trading
You will Learn
– Why Breakouts are our Favorite Way to Trade
– Unique Money Management Tactics for Breakout Trading

WEEK 5 – How Using Signals From Stocks and Bonds Can Sharpen Your Forex Trading
You will Learn
– How to use bond yields, spreads/ stock indexes/forwards/options for forex traders
– All about the Commitment of Traders Report
– Strategies on trading commodities and indices in relation to the fundamentals of FX


In our very special Half-Day seminar in Singapore, Kathy will teach you a short term Scalping strategy which has had a positive equity curve in the past (see below). Remember – Past performance is not indicative of future results. She will talk about the differences between automated and systematic trading and walk you through the Trading strategy from Inception to Implementation to Coding as an Expert Advisor.

As a VERY special bonus, attendees will be given access to the EA in MT4 if they have an account with a broker that we work with.

What’s Covered in the Live Seminar

The Big Trade – Learn a Popular Shares Trading Strategy that We Believe Works In Forex

Expert Advisor MT4 Strategy
– From Inception to Implementation to Coding an Expert Advisor and Results

Learn About Scalping in the Forex Market

Automated vs. Discretionary Trading

Bonus! Get the EA FREE*
*Only available through specific FX providers