12 Strategies for Picking Tops & Bottoms

Picking Tops & Bottoms

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12 GREAT Strategies for
Picking Tops & Bottoms

Aim for 70%-80% Accuracy.
Precise Entry, Exits.
Trade Management.

Grab Consistent Profits Every Single Day

Take 4 Hours to Transform Your Trading for Life
Bank pips scalping short term tops & bottoms and picking big turns. We’ll teach you how to hunt for +40 to +200 pip trades with 75% accuracy in a jam packed but easy to understand 4 hour trading strategy course. Using not 1 or 2 but 12 of our best trading strategies, you’ll learn to the best times to fade forex moves. AND we’ve included 3 MT4 EAs to automatically take the signals. Trade the strategies automatically or let the robot do all of the work for you. Either way we’ll teach you how to do it all so you can start trading right away.

3 Automated Trading Robots, 12 Strategies – Learn to trade it all.

3 Live Sessions. 12 Strategies. 3 MT EAs. 1 Year Support
The BEST way to learn to trade is in live market conditions. Markets are dynamic and we believe it is crucial to learn how our strategies work during some of the most volatile events of the year. That’s why we’ll spend 2 sessions showing you exactly how these strategies work in live market environments. You’ll

+ Every Trend Starts with a Turn, Find the Best Strategy for You
+ Learn 12 Great Forex Trading Strategies in just 4 Hours
+ Earn Up to +100 pips a Day with 3 MT4 Trading Robots
+ Hunt for +40 to +50 Pip Trades with 75% Accuracy
+ Walk Away with the Confidence to Fade Big and Small Moves
+ Trade these Strategies LIVE in 2 Enriching Follow Up Sessions.
+ Receive 1 Year of Personal Support from Boris/Kathy

Strategy #1 – THE BIG KAHUNA– Catch a Turn Just as it Happens & Jump on a Trend that Could Explode for Hundreds of Pips

Strategy #2 – SWEET SPOT OF SWING — Our Favorite Way to Select Turn Trades Targeting +50 to +200 pips Per Trade

Strategy #3 – THE BIIIG PROBABILITY EDGE — A Statistically Significant Strategy for Fading Grossly Overextended Moves

Strategy #4 – DAY TRADERS DELIGHT — High Probability Strategy for Grabbing Gains after London Close EVERY DAY

Strategy #5 – THE CANADIAN CAPTURE — Most Intelligent Way to Trade USD/CAD with 73% Accuracy

Strategy #6 – Our Most Sophisticated Day Trading Strategy for Scalping Tops & Bottoms

And so much more!

+ Full hands on training of ALL 12 strategy tactics & MT4 setup templates for plug-and-play