NY Session Trading Course

4 Easy Ways to Bank Pips in NY Trading Session

Brought to you by Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien | Run Time: 9:23

Most you know that New York is the busiest FX market session but how many of you know that it can be divided into five distinct parts with 5 different profit opportunities?

Having spent over 20 years trading the NY hours, we’ve identified predictable price patterns that take place during specific periods of the day such as:

Discover the 5 Parts of the NY Session that Can Make You Money

1. Early NY Session – where trading flows dominate
2. News Block – where you can fade or follow big announcements
3. US Stock Market Open – where market sentiment is determined
4. London Close – unique trend and reversal opportunities happen BEFORE the London close
5. New York Close – best times to initiate swing trades

We promise that you’ll become a better trader by understanding how each of these trading segments work but to accelerate the learning curve, we’re also sharing –

> Our Exclusive NY Session Trading Checklist

> Kathy’s Secret to Unlocking Profits During the Early NY Hours

> Trade NAKED (No Indicators) – Learn Boris’ Way of Trading Price with 90% Accuracy

4 easy ways to bank pips during the Europe-NY hours including how to:

✓ Make Consistent Profits Riding Early NY Flows starting 10:30 GMT

✓ Capitalize on the Pre-London Close 14-15 GMT

✓ Trade the Biggest News Releases like Non-Farm Payrolls with 90% Accuracy

✓ Trade High Volatility and Low Volatility Events for Quick Profits or 100+ pip Gains starting at 12:30 GMT

✓ Trade NAKED (No Indicators) using Boris’ Best Way to Trade Predictable Price Flows throughout the NY session

But that’s not all….

As a BONUS we’re also throwing in a FREE MT4 EA

The New York trading session is teeming with opportunity so don’t miss this chance to learn how to trade it easily and effectively.