Boris discusses the BK Flow Trade and reveals a BONUS Setup in Webinar with Rob Booker 02.16.12

Tired of random, reckless trading?

Want to make Every Single Trade Count?

Then welcome to the world of BK where we have every angle covered.





At BK we provide crystal clear signals for both short and long term time frames helping currency
traders conquer the FX market with every possible edge.

BK Swing Trades – our classic signal product – generates tactical ideas once or twice per week, by
combing both technical and fundamental analysis to put the odds in you favor.

The BK Swing signals have been profitable every year since their inception in 2008. That’s four
years of trading, nearly 400 trades and almost 4000 pips of profit across some of the most
treacherous market environments ever. This long term record makes BK not only one of the oldest
signal services in the industry, but also one of the most consistent.

Unlike other services that depend on simplistic “green light, red light” analysis, we take a decidedly professional approach to risk and adjust our models continuously to be in sync with the ever
changing flows of the currency market.

*Recent BK Flow Trades up to 3/17/12
Note past performance is not guarantee of future results


Want to trade every day? Then look no further. This year we are introducing our brand new intra-day
signal service called BK Flow. After numerous months of testing and experimentation making
hundreds of trades with real money we finally cracked the code for day trading the currency market.

BK Flow trades specialize in trading the single most liquid financial instrument in the world – the EUR/USD. We use a highly disciplined approach to place 1 to 2 trades per day providing BK
subscribers with exact entry, exit and stop instructions. If you in the Flow you are in the know.
As one of our subscribers recently noted: “BK Flow trades are too good to miss!”

But that’s not all, as BK sub you get a very special Daily Bonus.


Everyone knows that news moves markets, but wouldn’t it be nice to anticipate the data? With BK
Calendar Calls you can see our views and directional calls on the most market moving G-20
economic data BEFORE it hits the screen. Every week we cull through reams of economic indicators
to handicap the news and provide you with 8-12 BONUS trades ideas as part of the BK Service.

Isn’t it time you put some GREEN on your $SCREEN?

Experience One of the
Most Consistent Forex Signal Services Over The Past Four Years

If you’ve never traded the FX market before or have been reluctant to try this fast moving and
exciting asset class then this is your chance to learn directly from the professionals at nearly half
off our regular prices. Let Boris and Kathy teach you How Professionals Analyze and Trade The
Currency Market and walk away with knowledge that you can use for a lifetime.

“Hi kathy and boris,
I am writing this to thank you two for your awesome trading signal service. I registered to
become your member at the beginning of june and, all i have to say is, you are just so great.
I’ve been having such a great trading experience with you. You are unquestionable the 100% professionals in this field, and what makes me so impressed is your dedication in what you
are doing and also in what you are offerring to your members. I just feel every penny i paid to
you is a huge worth and I am so going to make it even worthier afterwards. I am saying this
because i know, the way to success in forex trading is like climbing up a rugged mountain,
one’s perserverence is a must, but what matters importantly is the goal could be easier to reach
if one has an experienced and successful guide showing her a way up side by side. So, i mean, you two are the important “guide” i feel honored to be able to find.
Thank you.”
– O. T. from China

Over the past several years BKForex has been one of the most accurate signal services in
the currency market producing positive results in every single calendar year since January of 2008**.
Through some of the most turbulent and volatile markets in history BK has maintained its long term
edge. During this period BKForex beat the Barclay’s Currency Index by nearly 1500 basis
points vastly outperforming the industry benchmark*.


* Past performance is not indicative of future results.

**Results through end of 2011

Forex (and Futures) trading involves high risks, with the potential for substantial
losses, and is not suitable for all persons. These testimonials may not be representative
of the experiences of other customers and are no guarantee of future performances
or successes.


For those of you that do not know us. We are Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg, currency strategists, internationally published authors and regular guests on CNBC and Bloomberg Television.


But first and foremost we are traders.

Unlike many market analysts that just offer opinions, we put our money where our mouth is and trade right alongside with you on every BK Swing and BK Flow signal we issue.

We live and breathe the currency market and follow it tick by tick from early morning Europe
though the North American trade to the Asian open. For us the day kicks off when Boris starts
watching the market at 2AM New York time and ends with Kathy putting the finishing touches on
her report just as Asia starts trading at 7PM New York. In between we watch the market like a hawk following all the macroeconomic developments and price action so that we can bring you the best
possible trade ideas.

With currency markets more volatile than ever, timing the trade well has become
crucial to achieving consistent success as an FX trader. At BK Forex Advisor our edge has always
been to trade global economic data and with Session Based Trading we can exploit that edge even
better while avoiding unnecessary volatility.

*Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results

By trading exclusively during the session of the economic release, we have improved
our trading strategy.


If we are trading an event during the Asian session

We put our trade on between 4:00-5:00PM EST (20:00-21:00 GMT)

If we are trading an event during the European session

We put our trade on at 1:00AM EST (5:00GMT)

If we are trading an event during the North American session

We put our trade on at 7:00AM EST (12:00GMT)


Most importantly we email you our TRADING PLAN hours before the trade is placed
to give you plenty of time to prepare.

The trading plan includes:

· Our reasons for the trade

· The currency pair that we will be trading

· And the time when the SMS and email with the specific details will be sent.

How Do You Put It All Together?

You will receive our Trading Plan at 4pm to 5pm NY Time (20 to 21 GMT), then you
will also receive the trade alert based upon the Session that we will trade. You
can place the trade with our limits and stops and then go to bed. If the trade
reaches the target, you will automatically exit your entire position at the limit
price. If the trade misses, the stop will take you out of the market.

*Please note past performance is NO guarantee of future success.

**Please note that all stop and limit orders are subject to market volatility and
execution risk. There is no guarantee that your orders may be executed at the prices
specified and slippage could occur altering your results from ours.

***Please note that there is no guarantee that we can achieve such win/loss ratios.

****Please note that these are hypothetical scenarios and do not constitute actual

That’s Not All!

Trade Every Day With Our Exclusive BK Flow Calls

After months of testing and hundreds of trades in live market conditions with real dollars, we
have unveiled our newest product the day trading signals we call BK Flow calls. Every day from
4AM ET to 12 Noon ET (9:00-17:00GMT) we watch the most active and liquid financial instrument
in the world – EUR/USD for possible trade entries both long and short. BK Flow trades are based on momentum which means that enter the market on stop orders providing plenty of time to set up your orders.


Sometime after 4AM ET each day we will send out our BK Flow trade signals by SMS, email and a private twitter feed. The signal will look something like this

Putting buy orders at 1.3050 stop 1.3000 target 1.3085

Putting sell orders at 1.2950 stop 1.3000 target 1.2915

Good til 12ET BK Flow $EURUSD

At the time the signal is released the EUR/USD will usually be trading in between the two entry
points (in this case 1.3000). Therefore you have plenty of time to set up your orders. Once the trade
triggers we let the market take us out with either a limit take profit or a stop. There is no need for
further monitoring. At 12 Noon ET we cancel any non-executed orders left on the books.

Its as easy as that.

BK Flow trades generate between 1 to 2 signals per day and allow you to day trade the
currency market without having to watch every tick. Here is how they have done so far.

*Recent BK Flow Trades up to 3/17/12

Note past performance is not guarantee of future results


But Wait! That’s Not All!

As a BK subscriber you also get our Bonus Trades

In addition to our trade alerts, you will receive DAILY Calendar calls that will position you ahead of economic releases.

Here is what a Calendar Call looks like:

Calendar Call Trade Suggestion #2: Long USD/CAD at 8:10 AM EST – 12:10 GMT ahead
of Canadian GDP Number @ 8:30am NY Time or 12:30 GMT

Confidence Level

Fundamentals: Medium

Technicals: Strong

Canadian GDP numbers are scheduled for release tomorrow and given the sharp deterioration
in retail sales during the month of April, there is a good chance that growth has
slowed. In addition, we believe that the risk aversion from Tuesday will continue
onto Wednesday which should be bearish for the commodity currencies and bullish
for the U.S. dollar. Technically, USD/CAD has moved into a strong uptrend which
supports our trade. If the data goes our way the trade should be good for 15-25
pips in USD/CAD.

And here is the trade:


Need More Reasons to Join BK Forex Advisor?

See what others have to say

“Awesome!! Kathy and Boris are true professionals with all the goods to back up
their claims. BKT is much more than a signal service. Kathy publishes a weekly ‘Event
Risk Calendar’ that provides a market event bias for a specific FX pair. Boris records
a weekly educational video with very clear rules for not only trading the Event
Risk Calendar, but also instruction for daily short term trades. This provides an
opportunity to trade on a daily basis without mindlessly waiting for an e-mail or
a text message. Let me tell you something, BKT was referred to my by the head trader
at another signal service while I was attending a trading expo. What’s better than
a recommendation from your competition? 5 stars.”
~ Dan C.

“I have been trading currency for 6 years now. After reading and consuming every
bit of knowledge I could gather I opened a mini and spent the first 2 years feeding
my account with my visa card, the following 2 years breaking even, and the last
two years banking profits with Boris and Kathy.”
~ Patrick K.

I am the ultimate skeptic. I rarely believe anything I see advertised. Which is
why I am writing this – simply because I felt I should give a testimonial on how
absolutely phenomenal the BK Trader service is….
Not really sure why I decided to give this one a try – probably because I’ve seen
Boris and Kathy on television quite a bit and both seemed quite convincing – but
one night I hit the “subscribe” button and I’ve been profiting in FX every since!
Did I mention I had no experience with FX prior to using the service. None. I simply
enter the trade parameters and walk away (well, not actually walk away…)
I recommended this service to a lifelong friend who was trading with a robot – he
decided to give up the ‘bot and now trades with BK Trader.
~ Fred B

At BKForex you will also have exclusive access to screencasts of some our
best technical setups. These screencasts which are essentially short movies that
can be viewed anytime at your convenience with only the use of a Web browser will
show you exactly how B&K identify and trade key technical patterns and will help
you to construct your own trade setups based on these time tested ideas. They say
that a picture is worth a thousand words but in this case it may worth thousands
of dollars in profits as well!

So try BK Trade Signals today.
Trade the market three ways

Day Trading

News Trading

Swing Trading

and get the benefit of professional analysis at your side.

New Subscribers will get access to our exclusive E-book, an $89/value absolutely free.