Updated! Salaries of Central Bank Governors

The job of turning around the global economy lies of the shoulders of just a few people and in this group includes central bank governors. With such a tall task at hand, it leads me to wonder what are the people with such power and responsibility making. Is it enough to compensate for the sleepless nights, grey hairs and anxiety?

Here’s the latest data that I could find on central bank salaries. Some of these are exact numbers from annual reports, some are estimates based upon ranges and publicly available estimates.

**I added SNB President Roth who made a whopping $725,468 last year

Ben Bernanke (U.S.): $191,300 (in 2008)

Jean-Claude Trichet (EUR): $446,806 (EUR 351,816 in 2008)

Mervyn King (U.K.): $435,000 (GBP 290,000 in 2008)

Masaaki Shirakwa (JPY): $370,000 (in 2007)

Jean-Pierre Roth (CHF): $725,498 (CHF 817,700 in 2008)

Mark Carney (CAD): $350,000 max (in 2008)

Glenn Stevens (AUD): $160,000 (AUD 200,000 in 2008)

Alan Bollard (NZD): $378,000 (NZD 540,000 in 2007)

Who is the highest paid central banker in the world?

Joseph Yam (HK) $1.32 million (HK$10.33M in 2007)

Do you think these central bankers should be paid more or less? Chime in!

Kathy Lien

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