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  1. Paul ryan says:

    I,ll have to disagree kathy .
    There is no country printing money in the vast quantanties that Bernanke is doing.
    Geithner is a disaster and I believe he is clueless.In short they are gambling.
    Trichet on the other hand is doing the right thing with a much steadier and controlled approach.
    I see the difference here is that in america there has been too much political interference where washington lobbyist groups have been steering the ship.
    We ahve the effects of the sub-prime mortgages .
    But what about student loans crises and the credit card disaster that we have’nt heard much about yet.
    Perhaps its been put on the backburner for now.
    This spells high inflation to me and another banking crises that will not go away.
    I am seeing a new currency within 2-3 years as the dollar collapses.
    That is my veiw from main street .
    I would like to hear your opinions on my veiw.
    Perhaps I am wrong but if you could comment I would appreciate your professional insight.

    Paul Ryan

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