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Our mission at BKForex is to help you make money trading currencies. One way to achieve this goal is to provide you with quality trade
ideas, support, and education. Another way to improve your results is to reduce your trading costs by returning to you 0.3 pips
of the spread you pay on every trade. To do so, BKForex has signed up to receive commissions by forex brokers for the volume traded
in your account. At the end of every month we will tally up the trades that you have taken and return to you 0.3 pips on every trade
on the 25th of the following month. Rest assured spreads and trading conditions WILL NOT change.
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By signing up for our Cash Rebate Program, you can earn back your monthly subscription fee to BKForex.
As a subscriber, you can expect to receive an average of 5 trades ideas per day. We recommend a leverage of 4x per trade.
*Leverage can increase profits and losses.

For a US$10,000 account, this means a recommended position of 40,000 units per trade.
With 5 trades per day at 40k units each, you can expect to receive $125 in cash rebates back every month, covering
the monthly BKForex subscription fee.

On a $100,000 account, 5 trades per day at 4x leverage = $1,250 cash back every month.