NZDCAD –  Back to the Lows?

NZDCAD – Back to the Lows?

In a rather butchered syntax, the RBNZ came out on the wires stating that it currently had no plans for unconventional policy (ie QE) anytime in the foreseeable future. The comment was more telling for what it denied rather than what it stated s it revealed that RBNZ is clearly much more preoccupied with easing policy initiatives rather than having any plans to tighten.

On the other hand, BOC meets on May 30th and although the market is only assigning 27% probability to rate hike in May, the bank may offer forward guidance that is more hawkish. Taken together with promising signals on NAFTA deal from President Trump, the loonie looks like a relative bid against the kiwi which suggests that NZDCAD can be headed back towards .8800 in the next several days.

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