Double Bottom for Cable?

Double Bottom for Cable?

The woes of Brexit are well known. UK is in danger of precipitating a “hard” Brexit which would result in its expulsion from the single European market. Yet despite the fears of experts, the economic knock-on effects have yet to materialize. This week the UK economy showed its resilience by posting better than expected data in all three PMI reports. This suggests that UK economy may be stronger than the market thought and that the latest GDP figures could come in at 17-month highs.

Technically the pair has tested the 1.2200 level twice and today’s move back through the 1.2400 figure indicates that the double bottom is in. With 1.2500 now squarely in-view cable may be ready for a short squeeze as late shorts begin to scramble and cover. Topside the pair has no resistance until 1.2700 so there is plenty of scope for upside

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