Forex Trading Tips: Reading List For Traders

Reading List For Traders

As we head into the final long summer week-end in US, I wanted to take a vacation from my usual trading commentary and answer the question I get asked all the time – what do you read on a daily basis?

Following is a summary of some key financial websites that I visit every day.

————--Top 5 Stories in FX This Week—————-
The Real Lesson of Lehman’s Demise
A Tax Too Far
Forget Tobin Tax: There is a Better Way to Curb Finance
Let a Hundred Credit Lines Bloom
Housing’s ‘Poverty Effect’ Fouls Up U.S. Rebound

Zero Hedge
Is High Frequency Trading simply a euphemism for front running? What’s the plunge protection team? What’s the current spread between the Russell and the SPY any why does it matter? Don’t have a clue? Then you have to start reading ZH in order to understand how capital markets really work. Always provocative and occasionally paranoid ZH is always worth a read.

The Big Picture
Barry Ritholtz is a familiar face to CNBC viewers. As a guy who despises ideological nonsense he brings a refreshing empirical point of view to economic analysis which is unhindered by simplistic free market doctrine. He also often compiles interesting links for his readers to peruse.

The Kirk Report
Another guy who loves to troll the web for interesting financial stories is Charles Kirk an independent equity trader who runs an active day trading website for stock jockeys. His reading selections are always worth a look.

Mish Global Analysis
If you want to understand the long term argument for Deflation and prolonged global recession, you have to read Mish’s blog where he will assault you daily with barrage of depressing economic data most of which is spot on.

Macro Man
There is nothing like trading real money and blogging about your daily travails and no one does with better humor, self deprecation and a keen understanding of all the pieces of the puzzle than macro man who will bet on anything – be it an oil explorer in Kazakhstan or a double no touch on the kiwi.

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