EURJPY – Gunning for 124.00?

EURJPY – Gunning for 124.00?

The EURJPY trade is starting to show signs of life as the pair makes a sharp bottom off the 118.00. The bounce may be reflecting the “reflation” trade as all the major central banks are now moving away from QE mode into a more normal monetary policy regime.

Today’s ECB presser highlighted the fact that the central bank looking to taper eventually, although Mr. Draghi was quick to note that the ECB saw no signs of any serious inflation in the system just yet and therefore ready to maintain the status quo. Still, the market took his words a tilt to the hawkish side and the euro has remained supported throughout the day.

Meanwhile, USDJPY continues to probe the 115.00 barrier which has acted as cement ceiling for the pair since the start of the year. If tomorrow’s NFPs prove to be as good as forecast the 115.00 figure will likely fall by the wayside and EURJPY could explode towards the 124.00 target.

Boris Schlossberg

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