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What kind of services can I find at BK?

At BK we provide

  1. Trading signals
  2. Live trading events
  3. Daily Research
  4. Educational Webinars

What kind of trading signals will I find at BK?

At BK we offer

  1. Multi-day long trade ideas that target 100+ pips per trade
  2. Day trading ideas at the start of the New York Open
  3. Rules-based computerized strategies
  4. Proprietary big breakout ideas

Where can I find more information about BK Signals?

All BK Signals can be found in our 24-hour chat room operated via Slack software.
Each signal has its own channel. Here is the description of each trading channel-

#1_weekly_trade_ideas – This is a channel for weekly trade ideas from Kathy and from Boris. We post 3 new trade ideas at the start of each week on Sunday(NY)/Monday(Asia and AU)

#2_breakout_big_trades – This is a channel for proprietary big breakout trades ideas

#3_ny_open_day_trades – This is a channel for proprietary day trading ideas posted each day between 6″00-7:00 AM NY time ahead of the North American session open.

#4_auto_ma_runner – This is the channel that provides trading signals generated by the MA-Runner EA. For rules and info, please type ma-runner? in the #resouce_room channel

#4_auto_power_trend – This is the channel that provides trading signals generated by the Power and Reverse EAs on the 60-minute chart. For rules and info, please type power-1hr? in the #resouce_room channel

#4_auto_turn_trader – This is the channel that provides trading signals generated by the Turn Trader EA on the daily chart. For rules and info, please type turn-trader? in the #resouce_room channel

#5_trade_results – A daily summary of trade positions and results from all the BK Channels

What is Slack?

Slack is a multi-platform chat software that allows you connect to our chat room via IOS or Android app, a web browser or Mac or Windows application. When you join BK we instantly email you an invite to Slack – please take a moment to accept and join and you will be instantly transported into the world of BK.

What will I find on the BK Website?

The BK website provides access to our web portal and our education offerings which are separate from our trading signal business. Feel free look around and if you are interested in trading strategies please consider buying an ALL ACCESS PASS

Is there a video walkthrough of your website?

Yes – the video can be found here

How do I contact you if I have a question?

The best way to ask us questions is in #chat_ask_kathy or #chat_ask_boris rooms. We respond almost instantly if we are not in a meeting or sleeping. If you have something private to ask us you can chat us privately or email to [email protected]

Do you offer mentorship or coaching?

Yes. If you are an annual member you can have access to mentoring with Boris every Thursday at 1900 NY 2300 GMT 0900 AEST. We cover strategies, money management and trading advice from professional traders across the world.

Can I have your trade auto-copied to my account?

Yes. To have our rules-based strategies auto-copied to your account you need three things:

  1. Annual membership
  2. An MT4 account with any broker you like (we recommend Oanda or Pepperstone)
  3. A VPS
  4. (A virtual private server, which is just a fancy way of saying you need to rent some computer space in the cloud.) Our strategies run 24/5 and require always on computing environment. Many brokers will provide you a VPS for free if you deposit a certain amount of money, but even if they do not you can purchase space for approximately $10 per month)

Are there any fees from trade copy?

No, Apart from VPS – the service is free and we can set it up for you. Contact us for more details.

What is the difference between monthly, annual and lifetime memberships?

Monthly members have access to all of BK trading signals and can attend BK live trading sessions and webinars

Yearly members enjoy free trade copy services and weekly coaching sessions with Boris. To sign up for an annual membership and have you last month’s charge instantly refunded to you click here.

Lifetime members enjoy access to all the trading services as well as all the BK Academy courses as well as any future courses we provide. To pay just one fee and never pay for any BK service again please upgrade here.

Is there a place for members to talk to each other?

Yes. Members can talk trades in #chat_share_ur_charts

Are you guys married?

People always ask us that and the answer is yes – but to different people. We have been working together for more than 15 years and get along well because we have very different personalities and a complementary set of skills.