New NZD/CAD and EUR/USD Big Trade Orders

Reload NZD/CAD Orders

We are reloading our NZD/CAD sell orders and hoping that the FOMC will trigger our entry on this trade. We are still very bearish NZD going RBNZ.

Place Order to SELL 1 lot NZD/CAD at 0.8917

Place Order to SELL another lot at 0.9140

Stop for ALL at 0.9314

EUR/USD Big Trade Orders

Place Order to SELL 1 lot EUR/USD at 1.1140

Place Order to SELL another lot at 1.1335

Stop for ALL at 1.1515

After two days of sharp losses EUR/USD is slowly rebounding ahead of the FOMC rate decision. We believe that the dollar will bounce post FOMC on the premise that the Fed will not provide any new guidance on monetary policy. If that happens, we want to use that opportunity to sell EUR/USD. The ECB sealed the currency pair’s fate when they signaled plans to ease and as such we view any rally in the currency pair as a dead cat bounce that should be sold but with a possible disappointment from the Fed this week, there could be the opportunity to sell the pair above 1.11 for a targeted move to the July lows right above 1.08.

We still have on the following LIVE Trade


Order to Buy 1 lot of GBP/USD at 1.5342 TRIGGERED

Place Order to Buy 1 more at 1.5152

Stop for ALL 1.4965

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