New EUR/AUD Orders 11.30.2015 – Canceled

12/2 -- Orders Canceled

New EUR/AUD Orders

Place Order to Sell 1 lot EUR/AUD at 1.4635

Place Order to Sell 1 More Lot at 1.4835

Stop for ALL at 1.5035

Both the ECB and the RBA have monetary policy announcements this week. The Euro has fallen sharply but given the uncertainty surrounding exactly what actions the central bank will take (from extended asset purchases to deposit rate cuts to two-tiered rates and more), there’s still plenty of room to the downside for euro. At bare minimum we believe 1.05 will be tested and likely broken which will take all of the euro pairs lower. In contrast, RBA officials have been surprisingly optimistic and chances are, these views will be reinforced by the monetary policy statement and this week’s GDP report. For these reasons, we like being short EUR/AUD ahead of these 2 monetary policy announcements.


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