BKSWING – New Orders for 03.31.14

***We are still long NZD/JPY.

New Orders for 03.31.14

We have a busy week ahead of us and the yen pairs are on the move. Tomorrow we have German unemployment and UK PMI manufacturing numbers scheduled for release and we expect both pieces of data to surprise to the upside, lending support to EUR and GBP. We also believe USD/JPY will continue to move higher, driving some of our Yen trades in the right direction. To take advantage of these opportunities, we are laying out the following new orders. Remember, we only allow for 2 live trades at the same time that have not hit T1.

1. Place Order to Buy GBP/JPY at 172.45

Stop 171.45

Close half at 172.85 move stop to b/e

Close rest at 173.45

2. Place Order to Buy CAD/JPY at 94.15

Stop 93.55

Close half at 94.45 move stop to b/e

Close rest at 95.50

3. Place Order to Buy GBP/AUD at 1.8127

Stop 1.8027

Close half at 1.8167 move stop to b/e

Close rest at 1.8227

4. Place Order to Buy EUR/AUD at 1.5035

Stop 1.4935

Close half at 1.5075 move stop to b/e

Close rest at 1.5135

***Remember we allow for 2 open positions that have hit hit T1 on at the same time. We will notify you if orders need to be canceled


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