BK – New GBP/JPY Orders for 08.10.2015 – Canceled

Orders Canceled on 8.18.2015

Reload GBP/JPY Orders

Place Order to Buy 1 Lot GBP/JPY at 193.08

Place Order to Buy 1 More at 191.10

Stop for ALL at 189.60

We like GBP/USD and we like USD/JPY which makes GBPJPY one of our favorite trades. Even after all of last week’s developments, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England will be the first 2 major central banks to raise interest rates. However we believe that we will have the opportunity to buy the pair at lower levels because the lack of major event risk could lead to additional profit taking in GBP and USD. As such, we are lowering our first entry order to 191.10


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