BK AUD/USD 12.10.15 – Stopped

1/12 -- Stopped out

12/10 First Entry Triggered

BK AUD/USD Big Trade Orders

Place Order to Buy 1 Lot AUD/USD at 0.7284

Place Order to Buy 1 More Lot at 0.7084

Stop for ALL at 0.6920

Australian employment numbers were hot and according to our analysis of the last 5 employment reports, a strong number will generally be followed by a 50 pip retrace off the data high and then continuation. We are laying out our orders 50 pips off the.7334 post data on the premise that this good number further reinforces the RBA’s optimistic bias. The market was looking for a loss of 10k jobs but instead Australia added 71k jobs causing the unemployment rate to drop to 5.8% and the participation rate to rise to 65.3% -- it doesn’t get better than that.


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